Billbugs Could Be The Reason Your Turf Grass is Browning

Do you have turf grass on your property? If so, lawn care salt lake city is something that you should not overlook. Some people think that pest control services only apply to maintaining the inner portions of their properties. These people do not understand that pests can also attack landscaping and wreak havoc. Billbugs are one of these pests, and they attack turf grass. The mature bugs are not a problem, but like many other insects, they have larvae. The larvae feed on turf grass. Sometimes this is done without property owners even knowing that the larvae are present. A report of browning grass is made, and the culprits are quickly determined by professionals.

It is possible for a misdiagnosis to be made. This sometimes occurs due to the billbug larvae closely resembling white grubs. This is also whcy you should ensure that you only rely on professional salt lake city pest control services when you have signs of browning on your lawn. Many property owners understand the importance of prevention and early intervention to ensure that their turf lawns are not a buffet for billbug larvae. They allow the professionals to come to their properties, and treat their lawns with insecticides that kill the larvae or discourage billbugs from trying to breed on their lawns in the first place.

Perhaps you are eager to know whether your grass is being attacked by billbugs. If they are your problem, when you attempt to lift the grass, it will come up very easily. You may also notice the larvae in the grass. Their bodies are white, and they have distinctive orange heads. The adults are dark colored beetles with snouts. The larvae do most of their damage in the summer. This is why it aggravates many property owners. Summer and spring are the seasons where beautiful lawns are desired. No one want to have to battle hungry larvae or be embarrassed by a brown lawn.

Salt Lake City Pest Control and Lawn Care is the best resource to use to prevent lawn problems. Experts can treat properties before attacks happen. They can also correct damages as long as their services are sought in a timely manner. Keep in mind that some billbug infestations go untreated due to the time of year they occur. Property owners may contribute their browning lawns to issues such as drought and the hot weather. You cannot go wrong when you opt for a professional inspection of your lawn.